What to Look for in an Event Management Software

The event management software is one of the most coveted event management solutions today for conferences, trade exhibitions, and other events. Given that it has so many helpful features to help event organisers plan events, it is only natural that industry leaders have been adopting it for the last decade. If you still have no idea how this type of software works, here are four features that you may be interested at in an event planning software:

  1. Event website creator

One of the most helpful features of an event software is the event website creator. Through this feature, you can practically create a website that is dedicated solely for your event. This is a good way to market your event and let potential attendees know the reasons why they should not miss it. It is also important to note that an event website creator does not require technical skills. Even if you do not code or even if you do not have any knowledge in web development, you can still create an effective, eye-catching website.

  1. Registration and ticketing

Another feature of an event ticketing software is that it allows you to handle online event registration and ticketing. This makes things very convenient for your attendees since they can choose to register and pay online for your event at any time and place. You can also easily create sales reports and monitor all registration activities straight from your dashboard. There are several payment gateways or online payment platforms that you can integrate as well to give your registrants the option to pay by credit card or through their existing accounts like PayPal or Stripe.

  1. Surveys

The need to generate data before, during, and after an event is important for you as an event organiser. One of the best ways for you to generate hard data is through surveys such as in the case of pre-event and post-event survey. Using an event management software, you can easily distribute surveys to your attendees. And since the platform is directly integrated into the software, you do not have to worry about individually collecting answered online forms. You will find all of them in one place.

  1. Networking platforms

Last but not the least, networking platforms can also be found in an event booking software. If your event involves 1-2-1 meetings, you can look for a software that has a 1-2-1 meeting scheduler so that your attendees’ networking opportunities are bolstered. Most event scheduling software will also allow messaging so that attendees can interact amongst themselves throughout the event.